Erlyvideo - new free video streaming server

Another RTMP server? You must be kidding!<

And yet, it's true. Erlyvideo is based on the abandoned<. It is intended to countervail various drawbacks of the similar projects:Read more

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Faina Leybina -- Brooklyn -- 2007


NEW YORK, NY (September 25, 2007) - Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo today announced his investigation of the home health care industry broke new ground with the arrests of members of a distribution network for falsified home health aide certifications.

The investigation, dubbed "Operation Home Alone," has thus far uncovered home health aides who possessed bogus certifications, schools that sold certificates without providing adequate training, and a licensed home care agency that knowingly hired unqualified aides. Cuomo called the distribution network model a newly discovered form of fraud in the multibillion dollar industry.Read more

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