How to export Windows folders via WebDAV

1. Download< and install Apache for Windows

2. Enable mod_ssl, mod_dav, mod_dav_lock, mod_dav_fs

3. Use attached configuration apache-dav-config.rar<

4. Configure Windows firewall

5. Try to mount it using WebDrive or NetDrive as described here<


Windows XP Remote Desktop without password

I need to be able to connect to Remote Desktop using a user account without a password. Security isn't an issue, this is on an internal network.

go to control panel/ administrative tools/ local security policy/ Security options/ Accounts: Limit local account use of blank passwords to console logon only

set that to disable, and you will be able to remote desktop without the need for a password

Панель управления -- Администрирование -- Локальная политика безопасности -- Локальные политики -- Параметры безопасности -- Учетные записи: ограничить использование пустых паролей только для консольного входа -- Отключить

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NAT32: Windows software router

The NAT32 Windows Software Router< is a Microsoft® Windows application that gives all computers on your private LANs direct Internet access via one or more Internet connections. NAT32 runs only on the computer with the Internet connection(s) and acts as an enhanced IP Router for the other computers on your private networks. The computer running NAT32 retains totally unmodified Internet access, and all applications on that computer will continue to run as before. On your other computers, most of your networking applications will require no reconfiguration, they simply pass all Internet packets to the NAT32 router, which forwards them to the Internet.

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Snare: Stream your Windows event logs to Linux

<Here we discuss how to streamWindows event logs to Linux syslog. This can be useful, e.g. to unify logging and streamline administrator efforts.

Snare for Windows< is a Windows NT / 2000 / XP / 2003 compatible service that interacts with the underlying Windows Eventlog subsystem to facilitate remote, real-time transfer of event log information. Snare is freeware, released under the terms of the GNU Public Licence (GPL). Event logs from the Security, Application and System logs, as well as the new DNS, File Replication Service, and Active Directory logs are supported. The agent also accommodates custom Windows event logs. Log data is converted to text format, and delivered to a remote Snare or Syslog server with configurable and dynamic facility and priority settings.Read more

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