NetDrive: easily connect to WebDav shares

Note: NetDrive cannot be installed together with WebDrive on the same Windows machine.

Novell netdrive 4.1 .


Skype-to-SIP gateway (sip2sis)

We explain how to install Skype-to-SIP gateway (sip-to-sis) on CentOS/RHEL.Read more

Adobe flash player 10.45: installation nightmare

Well, guys. Today I decided to upgrade my flash player plugin to the latest 10.45.2. I couldn't have imagined how rush and hasty stupid this decision is and what time would this cost to me. My environment includes Windows XP behind a corporate firewall and Firefox 3.6 as a browsing workhorse. I've just returned from vacation and wanted to do a quick software update. So I updated Firefox from 3.5.8 to 3.6. So why not check the flash plugin version and have the latest cyrillic and security fixes ? Listen to me, gents: never ever try this at home. Read more

Little bear pup

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