Converting JPEG-scans or DjVu files to PDF

1. Windows

1.1. DjVu2PDF - First approach

Use the program STVU Converter< (rar password is

1.2. DjVu2PDF - Second approach

Use some DjVu viewving software and a virtual PDF printer.

Detailed conversion steps:
1. Download a free djvu reader, for example, windjview< or STDU Viewer< or Browser plug-in< (description<).
2. Download and setup a free PDF virtual printer, for example PDF Creator< (description<).
3. Open your djvu in a viewer (windjview) and print it (Fig. 1).

Программа WinDjView. Просмотр djvu файла.
Fig.1. WinDjView: view a djvu file.

4. In the printer selection list choose pdf creator (Fig. 2).

Программа WinDjView. Подготовка файла к печати
Fig.2. WinDjView: prepare file to print

5. После нажатия кнопки печать документ начнет конвертироваться, на экране будет видно состояние прогресса (рис.3).

Программа PDF Creator. Конвертация djvu в pdf.
Fig.3. The PDF Creator program converts djvu into pdf.

6. When conversion is done, a window for additional info appears (Fig.4).

Программа PDF Creator. Сохранение нового pdf документа.
Fig.4. Saving a new PDF document

7. When PDF is saved, you can open it in any PDF viewer, e.g. adobe reader.

If you install PDFCreator without asking, the program installs a program called PDFforge toolbar. Afterwards, if you get a 404 error (webpage not found) when surfing the web, the PDFforge toolbar hijacks your browser and automatically redirects you to using To fix this problem, go to Add or Remove Programs and uninstall “PDFforge toolbar.” Luckily it’s that simple ... Starting with version 0.9.7, PDFCreator has included a new toolbar application, PDFForge Toolbar (versions prior to 0.9.7 have a different, optional toolbar called "PDFCreator Toolbar"). Users have reported that this software changes their computer settings. PDFCreator's end-user-license-agreement states that the software will "modify your Microsoft Internet Explorer and/or Mozilla Firefox browser settings for the default search engine, address bar search, "DNS error" page, "404 error" page, and new tab page to facilitate more informative responses as determined by The Toolbar". All instances of "page not found - 404 errors" redirect to a search site that has been reported as causing multiple problems for users. The toolbar disclosure screen can irritate users, who think they have deselected the toolbar while not removing it from the list of installed components as stated on the screen. Some reviewers have termed the toolbar as "malware" and PDFForge has received criticism for including this toolbar with PDFCreator ...<

1.3. And convert JPEG-scans into PDF

Use the free Drag-Drop program Graphics2PDF< from Imposant software<.

2. Linux

Use djvu2pdf - a small script from Chrostoph Sieghart<, latest version - djvu2pdf-0.9.1.tar.gz<. The script invokes DjVu Libre (search via<):

yum install djvulibre ghostscript

The next command creates myfile.pdf:

djvu2pdf myfile.djvu

You can use DjVuLibre directly:

ddjvu -format=pdf myfile.djvu myfile.pdf

2.1. What about JPEG-scans into DJVU ?

In Linux, for example, this way:

cd /path/to/scanned/jpegs
for x in *.jpg; do c44 -dpi 300 $x; done
djvm -c ../result.djvu *.djvu
ddjvu -format=pdf myfile.djvu myfile.pdf

2.2. And to PDF in a single command ?

Use the attached jpegs2pdf< script for that:

jpegs2pdf output.pdf pic1.jpg pic2.jpg ...