SAWstats is an improved version of AWstats with the following additional features:

  • Native Nginx log format support (%codequot)
  • Native Squid logs support (%codesquid %timesquid %otherblanks)
  • Seamless support of monthly and daily views
  • Easy navigation between monthly and daily weekly views
  • Filtering of Drupal users (using DRUPAL_UID, see Apache recipe, Nginx can log this cookie as $cookie_DRUPAL_UID).

AWstats is a great tool for parsing and analysis of web logs with nice web interface, but after years it still lacks Squid support, so I decided to fork. The name "SAWstats" stands for "Severely Advanced Web Statistics".Read more

Using Nginx and PHP-FPM on CentOS

Disclaimer: this page is a quicksheet, stub. Proceed to related links for full info.

How to run it with Apache:

yum install mod_fastcgi 

mod_fcgid does not work!Read more

mkdir /var/www/php-fcgi
ln -s /var/www/drupal /var/www/php-fcgi/drupal

Pubcookie module for Nginx

ngx_http_pubcookie_module is a Nginx module which authorizes users using encrypted cookies. Its description is available in russian here.

Pubcookie is a third party module and is not included in the Nginx core.

This module is a port of Pubcookie for Apache. You can find description and example settings of Apache module here.Read more

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